Cool Nightmare

by Radiation City

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released March 6, 2012

Radiation City is Lizzy Ellison, Cameron Spies, Randy Bemrose, Matt Rafferty, and Patti King
Written and arranged by Radiation City
Produced and Mixed by Cameron Spies and Randy Bemrose
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves (Telegraph Mastering)
Album art by Cameron Spies



all rights reserved


Apes Tapes Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: I Would Hide
I would die
I would hide from the night
I would die
Track Name: Hide From The Night
I have tried
Made light of every lie
I have tried
You are tied

I have doubts
That have crippled my accounts
Found me out
You are far too proud

Brought it to you
Inside a pocket of glue
But you did not get the clue
That there was nothing left to say

Brought it to me
Inside a locket with speed
So great it knocked into me
Like a rock against a wave
And I....
Track Name: Find It Of Use
Find it of use
A fine little noose

Cry at the news
Like it's the moon

Be ok

In the evening

A bad dream

On our toes, so...

Bury your cloudy head
Don't listen to what I have said
Pay no mind...

Birds pecking at the roof
Whisper neither lie nor truth

(Get better... better)
Ten more long breaths
Line your in-steps
Make sure to make love
(It's better... better)
Get the car keys
Although you know it might just kill you
Track Name: Heart of Mine
Gaze on by
This heart of mine
To die would be so fine

I gave my all
To this fight
I know for sure
It would be alright

Too long has it been
I dreamed you are my friend
I'll never know
Track Name: Eye Of Yours
Your eyes
Are an endless boast
A generous elegant toast
You lend them to me when I'm already drunk on your praise

Your smile
Like broken bottles
Is like time
Is like a kite chasing its tail in a windless cloudless sky

And the rain drops fall...

But you wouldn't know...
Track Name: Winter Blind
I'm so blind
And there is no time
All open wounds, healing's a chore

The filth here
Is still clear
Our fears and ambitions are scattered around on the floor

They watch with a certain
Thick but sorta see-through curtain
Teeth in a grin, no, teeth in a grimace
Bet I know which it is

And we have it
Out of habit
Or it's in the blood, it feels better written that way

But the truth is
We are ruthless
Bring the bitch to its knees is the saying as if it's so easy

I mean it when I say it
I need you all to stay sitting
Down on a line that is moving all the time
But I'll be back here some day

You got it good
You wanna look
But don't
Tell it to the moon
Tell it to the moon